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In at the Deep End

In at the Deep End review ê 103 read & download Ù eBook or Kindle ePUB µ Kate Davies A deliciously disarming debut novel about a twenty something Londoner who discovers that she may have been looking for love and pleasure in all the wrong places ie from men Julia has had enough Enough of the sex noises her roommate makes Enough of her dead end government job Enough of the one night stand who accused her of breaking his penis The only thing she hasn’t had enough of is orgasms; she. Julia a civil servant in the correspondence department in London shares a flat with her best friend Alice and her boyfriend Dave Grumpy from being kept awake most of the night by Alice and Dave s sex noises her mood is further soured by Alice pointing out that she hasn t had sex in three years Determined to change that Julia sets off on a mission to meet people and bring about some changes in her life What she doesn t expect to discover is that she s perhaps not straight after all What follows is the entertaining and sometimes poignant sexual awakening of a 26 year old who finds herself in at the deep end Julia is a wonderfully complex character She s funny self deprecating in a witty way and unflinchingly direct She also lacks confidence sometimes doesn t always express her anger when she should and goes with the flow when she s really not comfortable with the direction Essentially she s perfectly human She s seeing a therapist in training because she was cheap who calls a spade a bloody shovel She s sure therapists should be supportive and give less advice but then you get what you pay for She s a contract worker and has never applied for a permanent position because then when people asked her what she did she would have to answer civil servant There s a fantastic cast of secondary characters that further enrich Julia s journey She corresponds with a 96 year old WWII veteran who writes in regularly to complain about the health system Owen her colleague and Alice are steady sounding boards Her therapist is combative her friend Cat flits in and out of London bringing another level of uirkiness with her Julia s parents need to be in their own special category And then there s Sam who is a powerful presenceI loved reading this I started off by laughing at the wittiness and unusual turn of phrase and as it progressed I found I was still enjoying the turn of phrase but undertones kept changing There is explicit sex which is descriptive than erotic or romantic This is a great debut and I m looking forward to by this author Book received from Netgalley and The Borough Press for an honest review

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In at the Deep End review ê 103 read & download Ù eBook or Kindle ePUB µ Kate Davies Her new lover Sam she soon discovers London’s gay bars and BDSM clubs  and the complexities of polyamory Soon it becomes clear that Sam needs to call the shots and Julia’s newfound liberation comes to bear a suspicious resemblance to entrapment   In at the Deep End is an unforgettable and audacious odyssey through the pitfalls and seductions we encounter on the treacherous path to love and self . 45 stars What an incredible book While at first it started lighter with very Bridget Jones esue dry wit about dating life in London but about coming out as a lesbian the tone went darker as it explored Julia s first serious relationship with a woman This girlfriend turns out to be controlling and emotionally abusive It s painful to watch Julia go through this which is a testament to Davies writing I also loved the friends family and job portions of the book It does have an HFN ending which I appreciate I wished that portion was a little stretched out into the last sections of the book I wanted of the good things in her life once she got shit sorted out This book had me laughing out loud throughout Highly recommended

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In at the Deep End review ê 103 read & download Ù eBook or Kindle ePUB µ Kate Davies Hasn’t had proper sex in three years So when Julia gets invited to a warehouse party in a part of town where trendy people who have lots of sex go on a Friday night she readily accepts And that night she meets someone a figurative artist who also happens to be a woman Julia’s sexual awakening begins; her new lesbian life is exhilarating She finds her tribe at ueer swing dancing classes and guided by. If a book is described asBridget Jones alike I am almost guaranteed to read it English humor and dating disasters are my thingIn at the Deep End begins as a funny lesbian Bridget Jones romp and ends in an oversexed 9 12 Weeks type emotional gutter So our 26 year protagonist Julia hasn t had sex with a person in 3 years and wants to get back to business again After having a very unsuccessful date with a guy she decides to give a tumble with a woman a try Surprise This is Julia s best sex to date and she seems to be good at it too Julia embraces her newly discovered sexuality and almost immediately falls into a relationship with an artist and experienced lesbian Sam There are several subplots that I was uite interested in Julia s relationship with her fun parents and her roommate Alice her trying to figure out life plans after her future as a dancer is shattered due to an injury Julia s correspondence with a WWII veteran There were some great observational jokes too especially at the orgies and BDSM parties But then most of the book is taken up by Julia having GREAT SEX I mean I get it she has lots of orgasms in her lesbian relationship But as she explores new frontiers orgies threesomes BDSM polyamory and orgasms all the time she also seems to be repulsed and upset by most of what her girlfriend Sam suggests So I was weary of all the sex and distressed by Julia s state of mind almost the entire second half of the bookThis is not a romcom is what I am trying to say Again ueenie also was both funny and depressing but I found the humorcringesexside plots ratio much palatable than in In at the Deep End I can t believe I am saying it but this book has WAY to much sex in it

  • Hardcover
  • 336
  • In at the Deep End
  • Kate Davies
  • English
  • 03 February 2019
  • 9781328629678